Horse Cremation Services

Your horse has been a big part of your life for a long time. Those morning trips out to the stable, the “it’s time to feed me” whinny, long afternoon rides when the world just couldn’t get any better… And now it’s time to say goodbye. It’s going to be tough when that time comes. We at Buckleigh Hills Pet Cremation know that.

Caring Horse Cremation in NC
When the last ride comes, let Buckleigh Hills help

Whether that time comes after a long illness or unexpectedly, it’s never any easier.If you’re like many of our clients, just knowing that your horse can stay with you even after passing away provides the peace of mind that you need and the honor and the dignity that your horse deserves.

Allow Buckleigh Hills to help you in your time of need. Private horse cremation services will allow you to keep your favorite horse safely and securely through the years or bury them in a special place when you’re ready.

Horse cremation in Raleigh and surrounding areas such as Wake County, Johnston County, Nash County, and Franklin County can be provided directly through Buckleigh Pet Cremation or through your vet. If your veterinarian doesn’t use our pet cremation services, please contact us directly so we may schedule a pickup directly with your veterinarian. If your horse passed away at your home or stable, contact us so that we may schedule a home pickup for you. Many times, people just aren’t ready to face that drive and we do whatever we can to make this even just a little bit easier for you.

Southeast Horse Cremation Services

NC Horse Cremation Services
Caring Horse Cremation Services from Buckleigh Hills

Buckleigh Hills provides horse cremation services throughout the Southeast US including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. Many pet crematoriums are not equipped to deal with animals as large as horses, so we provide horse cremation services throughout the area. We can schedule a cremation pickup service for you from any of those states. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us. We at Buckleigh Hills understand your pain and will do whatever we can to give you some comfort during this time.

This isn’t going to be an easy time – let Buckleigh Hills Pet Cremation make that day just a little bit easier for you and treat your horse with the care and dignity that they deserve and the peace of mind that you need.

Horse Cremation Services

  • Private Horse Cremation ((Ashes returned in wooden urn))
  • Communal Horse Cremation (No ashes returned)
  • Home Pickup for horse cremation
  • Cremation Pickup Service from Veterinarian
  • Same day cremation pickup service / Next day cremation pickup service – depending on distance
  • Wide assortment of horse cremation urns available
  • 2 Day horse cremation service under most circumstances