Pet Cremation Services

Pet Cremation services are provided with the attention and dignity you and your pet deserve. Our mission is to provide a professional and dignified pet cremation service to pet owners, veterinarians and other veterinary professionals while maintaining the highest level of ethical integrity.

Providing caring pet cremation - boy and dog
Providing peace of mind for the whole family
Buckleigh Hills provides the following services for pet owners and veterinarians:

  • Small Animal Cremation
    • Dog Cremation
    • Cat Cremation
    • Small Pet Cremation
  • Large Animal Cremation
    • Horse Cremation / Equine Cremation
  • Private Pet Cremation with the ashes/cremains being returned
  • Communal Pet Cremation (No ashes returned)
  • Home Removal / Pickup Service is available usually the same day or next day
    • Buckleigh Hills is one of the few facilities that can perform horse cremation so we do travel somewhat further in the case of these requests. Ask for more information if you are in a neighboring state.
  • Pet cremation services are performed within 2 days

Our love of animals has led us to choose this profession. Our main objective is to maintain and hold the highest respect for every pet that passes away and to understand the feelings and needs of the pet owner. We are committed to assisting people one at a time in a professional manner during a critical time of need while  keeping costs and fees minimal.